Can't wait for an event? Holding on to some resentments? Need some extra practice time?  Got a rival house you want to challenge one on one? Or just wanna have some fun? ... Schedule a Call Out with Recovery Wars!!! You pick the location and bring the squad and well bring the arsenal, barricades, ammo, and fun!!! 

call outs.png

$15 a player - 20 Minimum players

20-30 Players = 2 HRS of Play

40-50 Players = 3 HRS of Play

60-70 Players = 4 HRS of Play

80-100 Players = 5 HRS of Play

*** Contact Whitney @ 754-366-7001 for larger groups ****

Dates based on availability

Recovery Wars requires an additional hr. to setup and an hr. to break down

All participants must sign liability waiver

All participants must agree to rules of play

Rainchecks will be rescheduled and honored