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Our events travel across the State of Florida bringing the fun, combined with fellowship of individuals in recovery, and connection to recovery support services. 

All participants must sign a liability waiver and  follow the Rules of Play!!

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  • All attendees must pay registration fee, regardless if they wish to participate in wars.

  • All attendees must sign liability waiver and media waiver. All events are photographed and video tapped. Failure to agree to use of photographs and videos taken at event will result in being asked to leave event.

  • All participates must wear face masks provided during games at all times.

  • Players may not intentionally shoot other players in the face or head. Repeated offenders will not be allowed to participate in events.

  • No blind firing. You must be able to see some part of your opponent while you are firing on them.

  • Ricochet hits do not count. You do not have to take a hit from a dart that bounced off of a wall, the ground or another person before it hit you.

  • Calling Hits. Do not call a hit on another player while the dart is still in the air. Do not call a hit unless it appears that your target has ignored or failed to notice that they were tagged. If you constantly call hits while the dart is in the air or when the dart actually missed, you will be warned and possibly removed from the game. Referees will call hits on players on the side line of each game

  • Talking during a round/Arguing over hits Do not get into an argument over whether you were tagged. If someone insists that they tagged you, and you did not see whether the dart hit, just take the hit. If someone is repeatedly making bad calls or otherwise causing an issue, tell the referee after the round is over and they will deal with it. If someone hits you because you were not paying attention and were talking to another player, it still counts. If you need to stop the round, you can call "Hold" but otherwise you are in play and fair game.

  • If you get injured during the game shout out HOLD and the referee will pause the game to address your injuries. 

  • No physical contact. The first safety rule is one of the most important. There is no hitting, kicking, pushing, pulling, wrestling, or physical attacking of an opponent involved in Recovery Wars. The only physical contact that should be made with another player is in the form of tapping, which is used to get someone “out”, to “revive” someone, or to save them from a hostage situation.

  • Be prepared to play. When a round is starting, pay attention to your host and try to keep things moving. If your gear breaks, or you run out of ammo, don't expect anyone to wait on you.

  • Don't shoot anyone who is not in play playing. Do not shoot anyone outside of the designated area or after the round is over.

  • All Guns and Darts will be provided to allow for an even playing field.

  •  Don’t use damaged darts. Damaged darts will jam your gun.

  • Do not throw darts. Darts are made to be loaded into your gun, and should be treated like actual bullets.

  • Try not to damage the darts. You should avoid stepping on, stuffing, or roughly handling darts. They damage easily.

  • Guns are provided at event, do not bring your own Nerf Guns or we will ask that you return them to your vehicles. 

  • Do not throw or drop guns. Nerf guns can break easily!

  • Do not leave the base until the main whistle blows. There is a warning whistle about 30 seconds before the main whistle, which can release you into the battle. When end whistle blows stop all firing, wait to return flag or end the game.

  • Play honestly. If you get hit, that makes you dead or wounded. Make sure to play fair and fall down if you do get hit.

  • Hits to the head and torso count as kills. Hits in all other locations, such as the arms, legs, or side, count as injuries but not deaths.

  • During play if you are hit by a dart anywhere on your body you are “tagged” and you must hold your gun over your head, signaling you’ve been tagged, and return to your home base to a designated area to respawn.

  • Reloading is only allowed while you are “in play”, meaning no reloading after you are tagged until you have respawn.

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