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Recovery War's finds indoor and outdoor areas to hold our events across the State of Florida. During morning games two teams of 10 players rotate across three fields of play for best two out of three. Winning teams face off in the afternoon games, where the barriers between the three fields are removed for a larger more intense playing field. Final team standing wins the ultimate braggers rights, however, medals are given to gold, silver, and bronze teams.

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Team are either pre-registered online or register at gate and consists of 10 players. Players who register as individuals or who come with less then a full team will be partnered with remaining players to form a full team and make new allies.


Players may NOT bring their own Guns. Recovery War's provides each team with the exact same guns for a level playing field. We've picked out our favorites for war and are always adding to our arsenals. We also hide "last chance"  weapons in each field that can be picked up by either team and used in play. 

Want to get ahead of the opponent? Visit the registration desk to rent additional clips and barrels for even more ammo during the games. You will be able to use the extra rounds in each game or war. Any additional purchased clips are reloaded before each game by staff. 

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Final winners are announced after afternoon games. Teams receive gold, silver, and bronze medals and one lucky individual receives the MVP Awards and a really cool prize.

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